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IRI President, Tom Valone on YouTube Channel "Steve's Place"

he President of Integrity Research Institute will be presenting a special IRI Project slideshow that he has given for IEEE and AEE, as well as for SPESIF and COFE. IT is a detailed account of the history and research that we have performed on the Spiral Magnetic Motor, which is a permanent magnet motor with specially designed switching mechanisms for commutating the magnetic flux. Magnets retain their magnetic fields indefinitely, with a quantum vacuum source of their permanent electron spin alignment, so for years the question has been how to make the lined up electrons do work. The answer and much more are contained in this FREE online YouTube presentation. Just click on the link in “Steve’s Place” below when the 6PM Pacific or 9PM Eastern time on Sunday, 3/20/22 arrives. Set your Google calendar to remind you. The whole presentation will only last an hour and will be available afterwards on Steve’s website and YouTube Channel.

We look forward to clean energy breakthroughs!

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