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About US

Helping Renew Our Earth

Integrity Research Institute was founded in 1991 with the goal of helping educate the public on all the new emerging, eco-friendly technologies that can help renew our Earth as well as all inhabitants. These include energy generation for power, new propulsion methods for transportation and bioelectronics for optimal health and wellbeing. IRI has many successful research projects in the three program areas which are part and parcel to our stated mission.

iRi Board of Directors

We have a great group of members, advisors and scientists from all over the world.  All of us are dedicated to helping renew our beloved Mother Earth with eco-friendly technologies, and to help improve the wellness of all human beings with bio-friendly healing modalities . We strive to be always on the cutting edge of all energy sciences!  Our Institute is listed in all the major Non Profit directories including Network for Good, Great Nonprofits and Guidestar, with whom we have had a "Gold Star Rating" for the past 10 years.  You can see our Annual Reports here


Thomas Valone, Director, President & Chairman 

Jacqueline Panting Valone, Executive Director & Treasurer

Elizabeth Lauri,  Secretary


Stephen L Damours, Board Member

Dwight Beckford PE, Board Member

Board of Advisors

Ivan Kruglak, Board Advisor                                                                        

Dr. Beverly Rubik, Science Advisor 

Dr. John Powers, Board Advisor 

James Dunn, Board Advisor 

Dr Tania Slawecki Science Advisor

Dr. Thorsten Ludwig, Science Advisor 

Jeff Norris, Board Advisor 

Dr. Elliott Maynard, Science Advisor 

Jonathan Kolber MBA Board Advisor                                                            



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