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Our Institute is currently working on the following propulsion projects:

The Control Moment Gyro (CMG) has had recent breakthrough with proof of principle. Project Engineer Mike Gamble proved during his COFE12 talk that he can make inertial propulsion work to move a cart on a flat surface! While the basic design (copying Boeing’s room size CMG in photo), uses only two gyros in a tabletop version with a 2” pair of gyroscopes, the next phase for 2021 involves at least a 4” pair of gyros to increase the force. His calculated prediction and measured load cell forces (left) match each other within 10% accuracy, producing about 0.55 lb. of peak force, up from 0.4 lb. of force on the first model (see 2019 IRI Annual Report). In that respect, the new design (above) uses plastic for light weight sturdy frame with NO power to the wheels! See a COFE12 electrically powered, space propulsion online at:

The Spiral Magnetic Motor project,  is a permanent magnet motor which has no external energy input has been a dream of many but an elusive construction for centuries. Quantum physics tells us that spinning electrons, which cause permanent magnetism, are powered by the quantum vacuum's angular momentum and therefore, do not decay or slow down. Magnetic fields also have a higher energy density than an equivalent volume of electric field density, using the highest known values here on earth.  Here is a journal article on the SMM . The Spiral Magnetic Motor (SMM) is a project of IRI that is destined to become a solution to global warming by providing a clean, self-sustaining generator of electricity, heat, or motive power and an alternative to burning fossil fuels. See our YouTube video introducing the basics of the SMM Project.

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