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Future Energy 

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Dedicated to advocacy & support of qualified, advanced energy inventions.

The Future Energy Program includes active energy research and development, publishing and patenting results, besides inventor advocacy toward the development of viable, fuelless energy inventions. Download the Valone "FUTURE ENERGY slideshow" (PDF) presented at the International Conference for Unity of the Sciences in Seoul, Korea (2018) for an overview of our work in this program area. The sample projects in this program at this time are listed below (subject to change and updates).

1) Quantum Fire Project

Its purpose is to bring to the US the theoretically predicted quantum force production from asymmetrically designed surfaces, utilizing the Casimir Force. See our Conference on Future Energy webpage more information, test results, reports and pictures of inventor, Bob DeBiase.

2) The Spiral Magnetic Motor Project

The SMM is a permanent magnet motor which has no external energy input has been a dream of many but an elusive construction for centuries. Quantum physics tells us that spinning electrons, which cause permanent magnetism, are powered by the quantum vacuum's angular momentum and therefore, do not decay or slow down. Magnetic fields also have a higher energy density than an equivalent volume of electric field density, using the highest known values here on earth. Here is a journal article on the SMM  It is destined to become a solution to global warming by providing a clean, self-sustaining generator of electricity, heat, or motive power and an alternative to burning fossil fuels. See our YouTube video introducing the basics of the SMM Project.

3) Tesla's Wireless Energy Transmission

Developed by Nikola Tesla in 1903 on Long Island and was called "Wardenclyffe". Interest in the validity of Tesla's physics has grown. Dr. Nick Simos from Brookhaven National Labs gratiously presented his slideshow on the electromagnetic proof of Tesla's basic resonant transmission of energy through the earth-ionosphere cavity.​

4) Electrogravitics 

The legacy of our committment to this futuristic propulsion modality is reviewed below. For those interested, you may want to start with the most popular open access journal article on the subject, which in 2019, has just past 10,000 downloads. It is our Review of Electrogravitics & Electrokinetics Propulsion (PDF) published in the International Journal of Geosciences Vol.06 No.04(2015), Article ID:55806,15 pages. The direct website of Scientific Research Open Access for this review paper is with links in the left column to all of the paper's sections.

5) Focus Fusion

 Dense plasma focus fusion is known to be FOUR times as powerful as any other form of fusion known today proton-boron (pB11) nuclear fusion, which now seems more feasible than ever. The usual tokamak-style deuterium-tritium (D-T) or D2 fusion are traditionally delayed indefinitely, always 25 years away from commercial applications. Instead, the pB11 process uses a high current blast to fuse hydrogen's proton to boron. IRI sponsored the well-known expert, Eric Lerner, at COFE3 about ten years ago. Today Eric is ever closer to break even and beyond as the UK Daily Mail article indicates​

5) Diode Array Energy Converter DEAC

 Thermal and nonthermal energy rectification using tunnel diodes or backward tunnel diodes is an exciting project. Prof. Dagenais from the U of Maryland amplifies ambient thermal energy harvested with nanoantennas at UMD. A peer-reviewed published paper (PDF) was published by Dr. Valone (SPESIF, 2009) entitled, "Proposed Use of Zero Bias Diodes as Thermal Electric Noise Rectifiers and Non-Thermal Energy Converters". There is also a wonderful slideshow (PDF) on Diode Energy Array Converters by Thomas Valone explaining the basic principles online. Zero-bias diodes are diodes that need no minimum energy to conduct so they are as good as backward tunnel diodes to convert ambient thermal oscillations of electrons into useful electricity. More information is also contained in the book by Dr. Valone, Zero Point Energy: the Fuel of the Future

6) Books on Future Energy

7) Future Energy eNews Blog



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