Integrity Research Institute (IRI) is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable institution dedicated to finding, researching, and advocating new breakthrough eco-friendly technologies and researching scientific integrity in all of the energy sciences 

Our Programs

Integrity Research Institute  has  ongoing environmental action programs, vital emerging energy projects, viable new propulsion projects producing force, and electrotherapeutic bioenergetics.  IRI's goal is to help implement new energy technologies in these three fields.

Future Energy Program

The program includes active energy research, critical review of select discoveries, publications of reports, patent preparation and strategy, and investor networking.

Bioenergetics Program 

This program specifically researches bioenergy, health and electrotherapy. We are proud to announce the results of a decade of development.

Propulsion Program

Recent findings in physics have brought a deeper understanding of gravity,  electromagnetism and inertia. Exciting new developments are being explored  


IRI continues to amaze me for its disciplined thought in exploring new technical options. The US will only remain competitive in the coming decades if it can maintain its competitive technical edge and this will be an increasingly difficult challenge. We need the vision and insight that IRI provides.

John R. Powers

Former Director of Research and Technical Assessment 

US Dept of Energy

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About Us


Integrity Research Institute was founded in 1991 by Dr. Thomas Valone and Jacqueline Panting Valone with the goal of helping educate the public on all the new emerging, eco-friendly technologies that can help renew our Earth. These include energy generation for power, new propulsion methods for transportation and bioelectronics for optimal health and wellbeing