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IRI New Book: Modern Meditation for Health, Success Serenity and Longevity

Our latest full-color book, Modern Meditation Technique: Quick Training Guide for Guaranteed Health, Serenity, Sucess, Longevity and Fulfillment, has been taught regularly at organizations like the American Cancer Society, United Nations Organizations, and corporations during lunch hour in the Washington DC area.

After teaching physics, environmental science, and electrical technology courses at Erie Community College for several years, I developed this training seminar for a simple and successful three-step meditation technique that incorporates the best basic components of the various famous meditation practices. The practice of meditation can begin with a simple attempt to try it occasionally and only eventually let it evolve into a daily habit. The beginner will start to discover that meditation is the only time during the day where she or he might have just one targeted affirmation but also receive ideas that help solve their most difficult problems. The Modern Meditation Training developed by this author has incorporated the best studies in its delivery for motivating the audience and simplified the essence of meditation into an assembly of three basic exercises (breathing, affirmation, visualization) which is the time-tested, three-step, integrated Modern Meditation Technique. The results are immediate and palpable, guaranteed to produce a boost to health and longevity, an emergence of even-minded serenity, a more success-oriented lifestyle, better harmony in relationships at home and at the office, as well as an attractive fulfillment of ambitions and goals. Each of these claims are supported by studies referenced in this amazing book that stands out from all of the many other books on meditation. Available at Amazon and our website.

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