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"The KEY” New 16 GB Flash Drive: Twelve Conference Proceedings for the First Time

For the first time, an accomplishment taking months of effort succeeded in placing all of the papers, select videos, and photos of twelve International Conferences on Future Energy (COFE 1 – 12) spanning twenty-five years into one compact flash drive. After years of work, the storage of the individual Proceedings of COFE 1-12, from conference host Integrity Research Institute, along with many selected videos (MP4 format), photos, and reviews, has been successfully archived in a stylish, durable, menu-driven key-shaped flash drive, suitable for a key ring, called “The KEY. Vol. 1.” It literally contains the reports, Proceedings, videos, papers, and unavailable material all totaling more than $1000 when sold individually over the past two decades.

As a sample of the contents, the initial COFE 1 was a historic event with fourteen scientists, including one cold fusion speaker and lots of media coverage, followed by a stellar group of scientists at every COFE afterwards. COFE 1 focused on emerging energy science, which in 1999 was so outside the box of narrow-minded power brokers that just investigating a government venue for it caused the organizer Thomas Valone to be dismissed from his position as Patent Examiner at the USPTO only a few months later, which was regained through arbitration. Historical details of that event, including news articles, audio recordings, and papers from the conference are all included in the KEY drive.

The KEY 16 gigabyte USB drive contents were recently summarized in its entirety with a 75-minute slideshow presentation on the internet show “Steve’s Place,” on December 10, 2023. The KEY slideshow has been preserved with explanations and posted on YouTube with a video version of the 84 slides showing every pop-up menu and some samples for each of the twelve conferences (COFE 1-12) in only eight (8) minutes with Aether musical accompaniment!

The description is automatically generated. The KEY shown here offers all of the major links to submenus, which are highlighted in the slideshow.

The KEY offers such a wide range of the COFE 1-12 collection from Integrity Research Institute that it can provide a valuable library archive of scientific and future-oriented discoveries to help students as well as teachers and professionals looking for future energy innovations, along with propulsion discoveries that do not burn fossil fuels to provide force, and bioenergetics drug-free electrotherapy inventions that do not have side effects.

With pharmaceutical companies and oil companies controlling much of our viewing media, it is a welcome relief to see honest breakthroughs in all areas of energy, propulsion, and bioenergetics which will help our future become more sustainable and healthy. Visit to see more information and to order The KEY at the introductory sale price of only $95.

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