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Latest Climate Gigaton CDR Advocacy Project by IRI has Synchronized with US DOE, IEEE

Dr. Tom Valone presented Maryland Congressman Glen Ivey’s office on August 9th an advocacy slideshow for Gigaton Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) to reverse global warming

because an excessive amount of CO2 has accumulated in our atmosphere since 1950 and its effect is finally becoming a public nuisance as a powerful, heat-trapping blanket. In the same week, on August 11, the US DOE announced the “world’s largest investment” of $1.2 billion to remove over two megatons of CO2 per year, “a key step in scaling up direct air capture (DAC) technology.” Then, a few days later, IEEE Spectrum on August 15th was on a similar bandwagon but with an even better bid to “capture gigatons of carbon dioxide dissolved in ocean water.” If you care to understand why such big steps are being taken to attack CO2 on such a level, start with Dr. Jim Hansen’s half-million year climate history graph of our earth à Our slideshow clearly makes the point that 290 ppm CO2 has been the maximum amount the earth has ever generated in millions of years but which humans now have dangerously pushed up to 415 ppm today. Valone’s annotated version of the climate history graph published in 2006 is also online which creates one equation for the 3 variables (temperature, CO2 and sea level) based on Hansen’s published data table in the previous graph. What is shocking and very apparent when these two graphs are shown is the very tight correlation we can see between all three lines (variables) on the graphs, thus proving they are intimately connected and affect each other in tight feedback loops. In other words, the world’s CO2 level affects global average temperature quickly, in only a few decades as we are now painfully witnessing. However, our institute also interprets this detail in a positive way to state that capturing and removing CO2 at the same level it is being pumped into the air (gigatons per year) will instead, start to cool the planet and reverse global warming. If that is too much info in a small space, our multiple journal articles are aplenty:,,;, along with a video to entertain and amaze the viewer à Lastly, if you are impressed with the truth revealed here, please join the bandwagon that IRI, the US Dept. of Energy, and the IEEE have started by signing our online Gigaton DAC Petition: to show your support for the daunting but mandatory reversal of CO2 dumping upward into the accumulator above us.

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