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Advanced Propulsion and Energy Free Online Meeting

As you know, IRI focuses on program areas of energy, propulsion, and bioenergetics. To me, it is unusual to find another group taking this same gauntlet and running with it. However, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has done just that, along with the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), with a five (5) day conference from Jan. 18-22, 2022, FREE and online too. Normally, this "Advanced Propulsion & Energy" program is held in person only in Boston MA and the previous years are not easily accessible. Plus this year, the event is being run by a retired Lockheed Skunkworks engineer, Charles Chase, so the quality of the presenters is up there. Not only is Dr. Thibado’s graphene electricity spearheading the lineup on Saturday at 11 AM EST but on Thursday at 4:15 PM EST, you can see NASA’s Dr. Harold (Sonny) White talking about his passion for warp drive.

"We need to take strong action now," states Charles Chase, Director and Co-Founder of the UnLab at MIT. "The planet is on a rapid course to be less habitable for us and the current biome. We believe there are ideas, technologies, and new science that can change the course. Given the right conditions, the concerted efforts of a few can alter everything". He further stated, "We try to create an environment to explore such ideas with real and varied discussions and the freedom to speculate and be an explorer. Discussing disparate fields can bring about breakthroughs in understanding, and most importantly, refine our "questions. We wish to further the work by forming collaborations needed to answer these key questions.


Here are some of the themes being presented each day:

  • Tuesday, 1/18: Time for action, the power of coherence

  • Wednesday, 1/19: Fundamental nature of light

  • Thursday, 1/20: "Vacuum" fluctuation forces and energy

  • Friday 1/21/2022: Gravitational forces and transduction

For further information, please go to the UnLab at MIT website.

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