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Latest IRI Article Published

IRI President, Tom Valone has published his latest article: Gigatonne Carbon Dioxide Removal: Reversing Global Heating Trends”


The present study highlights about implementation of gigatonne carbon dioxide removal technologies. The inextricably tight connection between global CO2 values and global temperature, delineated and publicized by James Hansen and others, will finally create an urgency in the minds and hearts of all people so that global atmospheric carbon capture by the gigaton can begin in earnest and in parallel with carbon-free fuels, zero carbon emissions, renewable energy, and even negative carbon emissions, implemented worldwide. It is a surprising realization to many that a changing temperature tightly correlates with the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels worldwide in a linear, lockstep manner with a reversible but very short temporal feedback loop of only a few decades…

More at: and then click on “Download” to obtain a copy of this chapter

Note: The entire book’s Volume 3 is also available in hard cover for purchase but also with open access chapters at Heading

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