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IRI President, Tom Valone on Contacttour Instagram Livestream

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Engaged in the pursuit of scientific integrity in the areas of energy, propulsion, and bioenergetics, Dr. Tom Valone conducts interviews a few times per year. In this candid conversation while in the front office of Integrity Research Institute (IRI), it has been recorded for Instagram with lots of slides using Zoom, to update everyone on the history of IRI, brief descriptions of the best energy research results today, some of the latest book publications, a definition and examples of bioenergetics, some of the latest electrotherapy studies, published in NASA Tech Briefs, Nature, etc., that directly have helped IRI including how it relates to our EM Pulser 78. Dr. Valone also addressed questions about the University Level Ufology Textbook he’s writing, and our global situation addressing the climate and energy crises, with a view toward what the future may be like. The one hour Instagram is popular with over 2000 views so far. Note that the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen has to be unmuted so you can hear the dialogue. The interview is a fast-moving, illustrated, dynamic view of what makes IRI a rapidly growing nonprofit organization with effective networking around the world.

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