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Curious About Trying Meditation to Relax?

You may be interested in reviewing my YouTube video on “Modern Meditation Training: An Innovative technique to Increase Learning & Achievement” In 2008, I wrote a book based on a three-step generic meditation technique that I created with independent critical review. Some teachers liked Modern Meditation: Science and Shortcuts so much that they used a bunch of copies in a class they taught. Then the J. Wiley Publishers accepted an abbreviated version (Chapter 23) in their hardcover manual called The Wiley Handbook for Global Workplace Learning, which took years to complete. A few years later at the USPTO where I worked, I offered a class on the technique at lunch time, which my wife videotaped. The AV Department also let me professionally record, in a soundproof booth, an audio track for the slideshow so it is now online in the intranet for Patent Office employees. It also has the short link: My thoughts are that the video can act as a general-purpose introduction to meditation practice for those who have never tried it before. Most recently, I also present the same slideshow training at the annual Natural Living Expo at the University of Maryland and witnessed the benefit it creates in the newbies every October. Research has shown that proper meditation practice can create rest that is deeper than deep sleep, improve the immune response, reduce aging, and produce “optimal cognitive function”, so the market for generic meditation training is huge in today’s busy society that is hyper and overstimulated. In fact, my slideshow documents the 15-minute meditation program for high schools that is funded by a private foundation as well.

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