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Paul A. LaViolette – Extraordinary systems scientist, astrophysicist, and prolific author (1947-2022)

I met Paul in the mid-1980s at an International Tesla Science Conference and remember walking around the beautifully red Garden of the Gods in Colorado with him and another engineer. At that time, with our backs against the paramagnetic rock walls to energize our bodies, Paul talked about his plans for several books, including one on antigravity, which I thought was just wishful thinking. However, Paul studied at Johns Hopkins and University of Chicago, and worked at the Harvard School of Public Health, before getting his PhD in General Systems Science from the University of Oregon, so he had all of the credentials to be a professor. And then, twenty years later in 2008, his amazing comprehensive masterpiece – Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion -- came out in print, published by the impressive Bear & Company, with well-deserved reviews on the back cover. I have used and referenced many parts of his book, including the “Gravity Beam Propulsion” of Chapter 6 with personal disclosures from Dr. Podkletnov about his 10 million volt shock discharges that could dent steel and punch holes in concrete. Chapter 9 also has lots of structural information about UFOs, including the bismuth-magnesium-zinc propulsion artifact, while Chapter 10 explains the John Searl Effect better than anyone else. Paul also presents the most comprehensive collection of experimental details about electrogravitics including high voltage pulsed effects in the rest of the book (about half of the 500 pages), along with many personal reprints from T. Townsend Brown. Brown is famous for initiating the use of electrogravitics and electrokinetics to explain the results of his patented experimental designs for propulsion (see my books, Electrogravitics Systems and Electrogravitics Volume II on Amazon). Paul also wrote a chapter on electrogravitics being used as an auxiliary propulsion system on the B-2 bomber which has no heat signature, using Brown’s design of a flame jet generator for the negative ion “exhaust” and the forward leading edge of the wings being charged to a high positive voltage. A friend of mine who worked for the US Department of Energy testified to me in an email that he witnessed a B-2 flying over his house at night in Eastern Marlboro, Maryland with a blue glow visible from the wings, which is a signature of a very high voltage corona discharge, possibly confirming Paul’s discovery.


On this page is the last photo of Paul taken from his hometown Niskayuna NY newspaper, The Daily Gazette during an interview, published September 25, 2021. Paul told them that “he solved the mystery of the universe.” Now to step back a few years, using his systems science doctoral specialty hat, Paul did an early version of his Subquantum Kinetics in 1994, published by his own Starlane Publications. Since then, he expanded and revised it a few times to the present third edition of Subquantum Kinetics with great chapters on Tesla scalar longitudinal waves, electrogravitics experiments, stellar evolution, as well as fields and forces. In addition to his subquantum physics theory chapters, he now has a bunch of practical topic chapters mentioned here that serve a wider audience.


In 1995, Paul ventured into “Beyond the Big Bang” (which in 2004 was revised and entitled, Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation). To me, this book was and still is fascinating, with chapters on dynamics, transmuting ether, energy in the universe but the main thrust contains lots of ancient creation myths in detail. In addition, the most attractive is Chapter 8 about “The Thermodynamics of Astrology” and the “Secrets of the Cipher.” This particular chapter could be reprinted as a separate book, as I told Paul several times, since it is so complete and interesting all by itself, where the cipher refers to his secret message encoded in the series of astrological symbols of the zodiac. As a physicist, I found Paul’s discussion of each astrological sign very intriguing since he relates their exact position and design to the galactic center, which now we know contains a supermassive black hole. However, Paul regarded that as a creation center, spewing out cosmic rays and matter. “Astrology then, presents a highly evolved physics describing the creation of our universe,” states Paul at the end of Chapter 8. This theme was continued in more detail a few years later in his subsequent book. Finding the exact relationship of Sagittarius’ arrow appearing to point directly to the heart of Scorpius and the galactic center, as Scorpius’ stinger does as well, Paul convincingly shows in his 1997 book, Earth Under Fire (now with Bear & Co.) that the advanced ancestors from about 15,800 years ago taught astrological symbology for a major purpose: to remind future generations of the point source of a periodic galactic core explosion. Thus, he found lots of evidence for super high energy cosmic rays from the “galactic superwave,” emerging from the black hole in the Milky Way center, near to the speed of light every 20 to 30,000 years cleansing the planets within its range. It could be comparable to but much worse than a coronal mass ejection from our sun. What probably helped sales a lot may have been the appearance of the wall poster showing the enlarged cover of Earth Under Fire appearing on the wall in a scene during the first “Men in Black” movie. What a surprise, even for Paul, to see his book so widely celebrated in a popular sci fi movie.


One synopsis of Paul’s masterpiece and perhaps his centerpiece work is from which eloquently summarizes the book: Ancient myths tell of catastrophic destruction by fire and flood. The legends are so extreme that they are often dismissed. Earth Under Fire connects "myths" to science in order to reconstruct the details of prehistoric disasters and explain how they could recur. Compelled by ancient warnings hidden in zodiac lore, and working with science, to confirm that our Galaxy's core exploded at the end of the last ice age, unleashing cosmic rays that enveloped our solar system in a nebula, leading to darkness, frigid cold, solar storms, searing heat, and floods that plagued man for generations. Linking science to details in the myths and monuments of the ancients, he shows how our ancestors recorded the causes of these events, knowledge of which may be crucial for the human race to survive. This information reveals the intelligence and ingenuity of our ancestors who, when faced with extinction, found the means to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed them could occur once again. Following its publication, Paul was fortunate to receive a video offer from Conscious Wave with a British narrator, Johana Lambert. Her script, written and directed by Jay Weidner, is very compelling and wonderfully comprehensible. It makes Paul’s book a lot more understandable, with lots of graphics and short interviews with Paul. Surprisingly, a guest appearance from a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab scientist confirming the intense radiation damage on the surface of the moon lends credence to a superwave cosmic ray impact. The video is now available on ( or for $20 from Paul’s website still active (


Paul continued and updated this superwave theme in his last book, Decoding the Message of the Pulsars (Bear & Company, 2000). He analyzed the positions of the special eclipsing binary millisecond “EBM” Pulsar and the Millisecond Pulsar in our galaxy to show they are also related directly to the tip of Sagittarius’ arrow and thus, the galactic center, in order to warn us about the great cosmic ray disaster from the galactic core. Pulsars, by the way, are supposed to be created only from the aftermath of a supernova explosion even though the Vela pulsar and many others don’t seem to have that possible connection. Paul further sees unique significance in the directionality of the Millisecond Pulsar and the EBM Pulsar signals and the exhibition of their pi ratio and the one-radian concept, which he says are sophisticated geometric relations, but only seen from OUR solar system’s vantage point. Paul states in Chapter 2, “Consequently, we are inevitably led to conclude that this message is meant for us, for residents of our solar system.” Whether his ET connection can be further substantiated, Paul says in Chapter 5 that astronomers have presented an intriguing paradox that apparently has not been resolved even to this day regarding pulsars: “Why among the ~150 known galactic supernova remnants, have pulsars been found in only three? Even at a few hundred kilometers per second, pulsar velocities are much less than the several thousand kilometers per second typical of supernova ejecta. Therefore, a pulsar created in a supernova event should remain well inside the supernova remnant as long as the remnant is visible, and it should be relatively easy to find. Efforts to find such pulsars have not been very successful.”1 Furthermore, in the same Chapter 5, Paul makes a convincing case, including polar ice-core records, for the fact that one superwave about 14,000 years ago triggered four supernovae. The Crab, Cas A, Tycho, and Vela nebulae are the four which apparently were close to exploding and pressured by the passing super cosmic rays to go into a nova. In addition, Paul gives us a real treat in the last Chapter 8 with “Force Field-Beaming Technology” suggesting that it can be used for a superwave shield, interstellar communication, or for vehicular propulsion.


Paul’s extensive investigation into the “Galactic Superwaves and Their Impact on The Earth” is also the title of a 2001 update of Paul LaViolette's original 1983 Ph.D. dissertation, computer readable CD in PDF format and serves as technical background for his book Earth Under Fire. It should also be available on Amazon and from other sources. In 2019, Paul presented at our Eleventh Conference on Future Energy (COFE11) in Albuquerque NM on his Subquantum Kinetics book with the following summary abstract: “Testing the Superluminal and Time Dilation Predictions of the Subquantum Kinetics Unified Field Theory” with Dr. Paul LaViolette. An overview will be presented of the 1 Taylor and Stinebring, “Recent progress in the understanding of pulsars,” Ann. Rev. of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 24 (1986), 303. subquantum kinetics ether theory reviewing its successful verification of over 13 predictions that the theory has made in the past. Furthermore, I will review the results of experiments conducted this year which duplicate previous observations of superluminal Coulomb wave propagation and time dilation occurring in the laboratory reference frame. I will also demonstrate evidence that an ether wind can be created in the laboratory and that it is responsible for these relativity-busting effects. I will describe electron velocity time-of-flight measurements that attempt to detect superluminal matter propagation in the laboratory. If time remains, I will discuss more exotic predicted phenomena such as the creation of Hutchison effect liquefaction and/or fusing of dissimilar materials under the effect of ultra-high electric potentials. Also will cover the creation of the Podkletnov gravity wave propulsion effect.” In 2021, Paul gave an online seminar for APEC ( ) on “Subquantum Kinetics & Pais Navy Gravity Patents” which is available on their website and YouTube for free. Paul was a complex, brilliant intellectual person who often argued when he believed he was right and was known to come up with interesting theories about advanced subjects, such as the enigmatic “Searl Effect” based on the work of John R.R. Searl who developed a circular craft construction that he claims can produce excess electricity and antigravity. His paper explaining the Searl Effect scientifically is included in our institute’s “ Antigravity Report: A Collection of Seminal Articles for Futurists” available on Amazon and also from the IRI website which also has Paul’s COFE11 slideshow lecture on DVD from It is hard to think about Paul, who is survived by his sister Mary and wife Marianna, without considering the highly significant contributions that he made to future science, much of which may be more widely appreciated years from now. For those interested in his work, Paul created an amazing website over the years, which has extensive information about all of his theories, radio interviews, and lots of downloadable papers on astronomy, climatology, glaciology, and paleontology at

A recent obituary with a very extensive description of his Paul’s life and accomplishments is online at We will miss you.

Paul at our IRI Lab, getting zapped with our Tesla coil
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