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Energy, Health & Climate Challenges on YouTube Channel, June 25th

Updated: Jun 23

IRI President Tom Valone will be live on the Ubiquity University YouTube channel on Tuesday, Jun 25th, 11 am EDT/8 am PDT, but available anytime afterward at the channel link. He will discuss "Can Humanity Save Itself with Energy, Climate, Health Challenges?" With the current world crisis of 85% of the world’s energy usage still based on fossil fuels, little or no consensus about solving climate-related extreme weather, forced migrations, and crop failures, along with widespread dependance on prescription drugs for every ailment, the title of this presentation is very timely and urgent. Furthermore, the world’s population spurred on by the Green Revolution of Dr. Norman Borlaug has tripled (3x) in less than one lifetime. Concomitantly, global annual CO2 emissions have quadrupled (4x) as global energy demand has quintupled (5x) in the same period. This 3-4-5 trio has put an unprecedented severe stress on the environment, which up until now, has not been reliably quantified. In 2006, climatologist James Hansen discovered and published a remarkably linear relationship between CO2, temperature, and sea level levels from the Vostok ice core data for the past 420,000 years. In the same time frame, lots of emerging energy inventions promise to provide emission-free electricity for mankind. Lastly, discoveries in electrotherapy have revolutionized health care, providing hope for reversing trauma, tissue damage, and pain. This exciting lecture/slideshow will touch on all of these topics with details of how a single nonprofit organization in the US has pioneered a wide range of discovery, reporting, invention, and hosting of conferences to help bridge the gap in public education by bringing little-known future technologies and inventors to the fore in person, in print, and in video format, thus giving hope toward solving humanity’s survival. Current projects include an electrogravitics demo in vacuum, a journal article on inertial propulsion, and a ufology textbook for college and universities.

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